My favorite songs and how they inspire me. Day One


Hello, everybody! Sorry, I haven’t been posting that much. I always plan to write a post but something is always getting in the way. Anyways let’s get started!

    1. The Happy Song by Jamie Grace.

Jamie Grace is an amazing singer, plus she is funny, kind, quirky and awesome! She is also the creator of the Jamie Grace Show! Jamie Grace was nine years old when she found out that she had Tourette’s syndrome. Jamie Grace overcame it and became an awesome singer! Check out her videos!

The Happy Song always makes me feel better! I love it so much! It’s so fun and catchy! I’m actually listening to it right now XD! The Happy Song inspires me too be happy and embrace happiness and joy.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Come back tomorrow for Day Two!

Lets Chat!1

Did you listen to “The Happy Song”? Do you like Jamie Grace? Comment down below!


10 thoughts on “My favorite songs and how they inspire me. Day One

  1. Oh, goodness, the world is not ready for the amount of times that I have listened to The Happy Song (any of Jamie Grace’s songs, for that matter). Can’t wait for ’91!

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  2. YES!! I love Jamie Grace’s songs. I have been listening to her music ever since it came out! Have you listened to Party Like a Princess? I love that one too! I can’t wait for ’91 too!

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  3. I love Party Like A Princess. It’s so inspiring to see that sort of message preached in the realm of teenage drama these days. 😉
    Working on the Word War right now – how would you like me to share it?

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  4. IKR! I want every girl to hear that song! So much media spreads that you need a boyfriend,but you don’t. Spend your teenage years growing closer to God and expanding your hobbies and interest instead of chasing every cute boy you see.
    You can post it one your blog, please tag me on it. Also use the tags; Word War, Word War Chapter.
    Btw I just noticed how much I relate to you, wanna be friends?
    (I probably already asked you that, but forgot because I am a crazy weirdo girl who talks a lot.)

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  5. Sure! I would love to be friends!
    I want you to write the next chapter as I had planned for your character to find Ned half-dead on the riverbank. Just read it, it will explain everything.
    If you need me to explain anything, let me know in the comments.

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