15 thoughts on “My favorite songs and how they inspire me. Day two

  1. I was hoping she’d kind of drag him out of the water, considering that he’s currently electrocuting himself – maybe find whoever was the healing one out of our characters?

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  2. Ready….
    I was kind of figuring you’d introduce your character Millie for a bit, let the reader know she’s wandering around the forest and why (banishment?). Then she could run across Ned (still electrocuting himself in the pond, BTW) and drag him out (saving his life). Because how else would a twenty-two-year-old guy be attached in any way shape or form to a teenage girl? Right?
    I figure she’ll try to rouse him. He’ll wake up with amnesia or something. And Millie will go look for a healer or something to see if he’s alright.
    (Perhaps I should mention this: in my July nano, Ned’s love interest was ironically named Millie. This was before I knew anything about your character! Isn’t that crazy? So maybe he can be convinced that your Millie is the same Millie he knows, just in a different time? Ned’s not time-savvy persay – he doesn’t really care how it works, though I have a rough explanation that I could take all day to explain. Anyways, he could assume he travelled to the past where Millie was fourteen. Maybe this could confuse him? Just an idea.)
    Conclusion: Millie should probably run across Ned and revive him. Ned will wake up with amnesia.
    (This was a #essay. I get so caught up with my charries tho! *wubs*)

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  3. Sounds good! So does Millie give him CPR? Or what? XD. At the beginning of the chapter i had wrote something like a backstory. Sp Millie’s parents were murdered when she was seven and seven years later she’s banished or something? I am still not sure. Yes it is very crazy. I am writing a book series about a girl named Millie Moonshine. I know the last name moonshine sounds kind of weird but I just named her that XD
    Okay, I’m still a little worried because I don’t want to mess up the story.
    I really don’t know what to do.
    I will email you what I have so far. 🙂

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  4. KK, don’t worry about messing it up! There is no way you could mess it up because this is a communal story. Right?
    And do you have my email?

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