Hello, my name is Ava! I am an artistic musical loving bookworm that loves to read, draw, sing, design and inspire others.

I created this blog to share my creative thoughts, ramblings, and books that I adore. I have created various blogs/ websites on WordPress before, but this blog seemed different. The word Elysian means Inspired. And Artiste means artist in French. In other words that meant me. So here is my blog. Elysian Artiste. Welcome, my friends.


some facts about me-


I love creating things.

I play the piano, ukelele, and clarinet.

I write poetry and stories.

I do Graphic design.

I am homeschooled and a Jesus freak.

I am a huge quirky weirdo who is very dramatic and animated (sometimes)

I am weird but that’s the side effect of awesome!

I sing-raps about my founding fathers (HAMILTON)

I love musicals like dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, and newsies

I talk out loud to my O.cs

I love traveling.

I want to go to the UK, Japan, France, New Zealand, and Australia

I come out of a fantasy book.

I love photography

some of my friends are fictional

Let’s Chat! Share five things about yourself in the comments!

ava sign


43 thoughts on “About

  1. Hiii I just wanted to say I love your about page it’s SO neat (I’m just not so good at writing “about pages” hehe”) and I’m homeschooled too☺️ So that’s so neat😊😊 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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