Hello, my name is Ava!
I am your not so ordinary teen who loves creating and drawing. I love poetry and writing as well.
I’m obsessed with art, cells, and writing!

I created this blog to share my creative thoughts and ramblings. I have created various blogs/ websites on WordPress before, but this blog seemed different. The word Elysian means Creative, takes inspiration. In others words that meant me. So here is my blog. Elysian Artiste. Welcome, my friends.

I love creating things.

I play the piano and ukelele.

I write poetry and stories. I do Graphic design. I am homeschooled and a strong Christian.

I am a huge quirky weirdo who is very dramatic and animated (sometimes)

I daydream, I have weird dreams.

I ponder and think.

I have imaginary friends.

When I go outside I run like a lost innocent child…Like a lost girl.

I dream all the time.

I act weird.

I talk out loud to my O.cs and Imaginary friends.

I love traveling.

I want to go to the UK, Japan, France, New Zealand, and Australia

I come out of a fantasy book.

//I am a lost girl,

lost in dreams.

I am always drifting away,

in dreams.

Every minute is a story,

Everywhere I look.

I wander,

in my deep, deep thoughts.

Becuase I am a lost girl,

Lost in dreams.

Floating away,

inside my mind.

Every second is a story,

Everywhere I look.

I wander,

In my deep, deep thoughts.

I fall,






I am a lost girl,

Lost in dreams…//

Welcome to my secret realm.

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38 thoughts on “About

  1. Hiii I just wanted to say I love your about page it’s SO neat (I’m just not so good at writing “about pages” hehe”) and I’m homeschooled too☺️ So that’s so neat😊😊 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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