Story Idea?

Millie had never seen the sunlight…

It was always dark and the weather was harsh.

Billowing winds, stormy nights. Fear. Loneliness. Sadness.

She grimaced and kicked at the gray sand. Everything was horrid. It was all her fault. She was different from the other Astracals. She was strange… She could read minds…


11 thoughts on “Story Idea?

  1. Hmmm…..
    If pulled off correctly, I think it has potential, but frankly, I think it sounds a lot like everything else that’s being written right now. I mean, with Marvel’s Inhumans coming out, we’re going to see too many stories about people with paranormal abilities.
    What if – just maybe – she was convinced she could read minds, but actually couldn’t?
    Or what if everyone else thought she could read minds and was the one responsible but actually wasn’t responsible and couldn’t read anyone’s mind but her own? She might embark on some sort of adventure to either prove that she wasn’t the one responsible, or find the one who was.

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  2. Um… Thanks. Those are all great ideas. This wasn’t exactly a true story I was going to write, this was something I wrote when I was trying to try something new. Thanks for the lecture XD! Are you finished with Word War? We are all waiting on you. You were supposed to finish it by last week, Are you still working one it?

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  3. I didn’t mean to come off as mean! 😦 Sorry if I hurt your feelings. I do think it would be interesting.
    Ummmmm….about that Word War.
    I will get to it, like….now.

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