a bookish photo dump. feat my new camera

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Welcome back to my itsy-bitsy corner of the web! I am really excited about this post because I am going to be showing you guys some (bookish) photos I took with my new camera! But, before we get started I would like to tell you guys about my little design gigs!

I have recently started a fiverrFiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. I have posted some blog design and book cover design gigs that I would love for you to purchase. And for a limited time, anyone who signs up to buy on Fiverr, clicking this affiliate link will get 20% off their first purchase! (this will give a small commission to me which I would really appreciate!) I would also love if you buy one of my gigs!

But enough of that for now!

lets get started

here are all the photos I took!

this is such a cute book, I had the one for young women and I just spotted this one!
these are some of the fantasy books I read this month! 
isn’t the alpaca adorable?



this book was such a fun read! THE ART IS SO GOOD!!

lets buzz (4)

I am really happy with how all the photos turned out! My new camera is pretty cool! What do you guys think? Have any of you guys read these books?

Thanks for reading! Bye for now!
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A Nice Little Walk

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Earlier today my family and I took a nice hike in Brecksville. I brought my camera with me and took a lot of photos. On the hike, I slowed down and paid attention to the beautiful nature surrounding me. Here are some photos I took.

IMG_7195 - Copy

Here are some pretty flowers that had just bloomed in our front yard, ( I  took a snapshot of them while my dad put my brothers’ bikes on our car’s bike rack.

IMG_7228 - Copy

I saw this beautiful plant on the trail. I love how it looks!

IMG_7231 - Copy

This is my sister riding her bike, she did a pretty good job!

IMG_7232 - Copy

Here are some cute yellow flowers. I love how the yellow goes with the green, the yellow just pops!

IMG_7244 - Copy

Here is the bridge I walked through.

IMG_7260 - Copy

Me at the end of the bridge,( Oh and it looks like the train photobombed me!)

IMG_7264 - Copy


IMG_7266 - Copy

Beautiful clouds!

IMG_7272 - Copy

The muddy swap.

A Blue Heron.

IMG_7284 - Copy.JPG

Delicate pink flowers. I love these! They are so cute.

IMG_7285 - Copy

IMG_7287 - CopyIMG_7288 - Copy

A lonely violet. This was so pretty, violet/pale lavender is my favorite color!

Here are some more flowers I enjoyed.

IMG_7289 - Copy

IMG_7290 - Copy

IMG_7292 - Copy

When I took this picture, a story was written in my head. A secret trail for lost children…

IMG_7294 - CopyIMG_7295 - Copy

Here are some more pretty and pink flowers.


IMG_7296 - CopyIMG_7297 - CopyIMG_7300 - Copy

IMG_7307 - CopyI saw a beautiful dragonfly.


IMG_7309 - CopyIMG_7310 - CopyIMG_7311 - Copy

IMG_7314 - CopyIMG_7316 - CopyIMG_7318 - Copy

I saw many pretty plants.


IMG_7321 - CopyIMG_7320 - CopyIMG_7319 - Copy

I even saw some Tiger-Lillies! They were so pretty!


IMG_7323 - CopyIMG_7324 - CopyIMG_7325 - CopyIMG_7327 - CopyIMG_7328 - CopyIMG_7330 - CopyIMG_7331 - Copy

Lots and lots of trees.

IMG_7332 - CopyIMG_7333 - Copy

Pretty plants…

IMG_7334 - CopyIMG_7338 - Copy

Lots of beauty.

IMG_7340 - Copy

I saw a lock.

IMG_7347 - Copy.JPG

And a white butterfly.

IMG_7350 - Copy.JPG

And some bold red berries.

IMG_7346 - Copy


I hope you enjoyed the photographs! Have a wonderfully blessed day!




                “Not all those who wander are lost.”-J.R.R Tolkein