happy mothers day!+ floral photoshoot

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Happy Mothers day! If your a mom reading this, then you ARE AMAZING. And Mom, if you are reading this ( i dunno if you go through my blog posts or anything ) YOUR AMAZING AND THE BEST MOM EVER!!

Yesterday we took our Mom to the botanical gardens as an early mothers day gift. I was able to take some photos and I thought I would share them with you guys!

lets get started


Isn’t this so pretty?




IMG_1156 - Copy (2).JPG



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Weren’t those photos so pretty? What’s your favorite picture? What’s your favorite flower?

Happy Mothers Day!

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Photo Dump 

img_3664-2 Welcome back to my blog!

Today was the perfect temperature to go outside and take some photographs! I thought it would be nice to share them with you guys! So let’s get started!




I love the color of this leaf.


Here is a close up of a thick tree branch.



The sun is peeking out of the trees.


This is a little bird in our flowerbed


This is my favorite so far- The Dandelion 



This is a pink flower I found. I love the little bead-like petals it has.


Here are some daises that haven’t bloomed yet.



Here are some berries.



I hope you guys enjoyed my photo dump!


A Nice Little Walk

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Earlier today my family and I took a nice hike in Brecksville. I brought my camera with me and took a lot of photos. On the hike, I slowed down and paid attention to the beautiful nature surrounding me. Here are some photos I took.

IMG_7195 - Copy

Here are some pretty flowers that had just bloomed in our front yard, ( I  took a snapshot of them while my dad put my brothers’ bikes on our car’s bike rack.

IMG_7228 - Copy

I saw this beautiful plant on the trail. I love how it looks!

IMG_7231 - Copy

This is my sister riding her bike, she did a pretty good job!

IMG_7232 - Copy

Here are some cute yellow flowers. I love how the yellow goes with the green, the yellow just pops!

IMG_7244 - Copy

Here is the bridge I walked through.

IMG_7260 - Copy

Me at the end of the bridge,( Oh and it looks like the train photobombed me!)

IMG_7264 - Copy


IMG_7266 - Copy

Beautiful clouds!

IMG_7272 - Copy

The muddy swap.

A Blue Heron.

IMG_7284 - Copy.JPG

Delicate pink flowers. I love these! They are so cute.

IMG_7285 - Copy

IMG_7287 - CopyIMG_7288 - Copy

A lonely violet. This was so pretty, violet/pale lavender is my favorite color!

Here are some more flowers I enjoyed.

IMG_7289 - Copy

IMG_7290 - Copy

IMG_7292 - Copy

When I took this picture, a story was written in my head. A secret trail for lost children…

IMG_7294 - CopyIMG_7295 - Copy

Here are some more pretty and pink flowers.


IMG_7296 - CopyIMG_7297 - CopyIMG_7300 - Copy

IMG_7307 - CopyI saw a beautiful dragonfly.


IMG_7309 - CopyIMG_7310 - CopyIMG_7311 - Copy

IMG_7314 - CopyIMG_7316 - CopyIMG_7318 - Copy

I saw many pretty plants.


IMG_7321 - CopyIMG_7320 - CopyIMG_7319 - Copy

I even saw some Tiger-Lillies! They were so pretty!


IMG_7323 - CopyIMG_7324 - CopyIMG_7325 - CopyIMG_7327 - CopyIMG_7328 - CopyIMG_7330 - CopyIMG_7331 - Copy

Lots and lots of trees.

IMG_7332 - CopyIMG_7333 - Copy

Pretty plants…

IMG_7334 - CopyIMG_7338 - Copy

Lots of beauty.

IMG_7340 - Copy

I saw a lock.

IMG_7347 - Copy.JPG

And a white butterfly.

IMG_7350 - Copy.JPG

And some bold red berries.

IMG_7346 - Copy


I hope you enjoyed the photographs! Have a wonderfully blessed day!




                “Not all those who wander are lost.”-J.R.R Tolkein