hello autumn! feat. where i’ve been, what i’ve been up to and goals for autumn!

Copy of why hello there!

Welcome back to my itsy-bitsy corner of the web! I hope you all are having a lovely day! Before we start today’s post, I just want to say sorry for not consistently posting! I really miss blogging and I hope I can get more consistent. 🙂

But enough of my rambling! Happy first day of fall!

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If you hadn’t noticed, fall is my favorite season! Not only is it my birthday season, but it’s filled with beautiful colors, lovely smells, and delicious treats. I love wearing sweaters and boots and scarves and crunching on leaves everywhere I walk!


So I haven’t blogged since early August, which is kind of a long time ago! A lot of stuff happened since then and one of my favorite things I did in August was my trip to Florida! My parents surprised my siblings and me with a trip to Flordia. We went to Discovery Cove and got to swim with dolphins and go snorkeling. We also went to Sea World and got to see Orcas and other sea creatures, And I went on a few thrilling rides with my Dad and one of my brothers.

Oh, and I met my childhood superheroes, at there Seasame Street themed play park section. Yes. I, Ava who is terrified of most costumed mascots, was not afraid to hug a bunch of furry monsters. And they even had a Theatre with musical parodies!

That was one of my favorite things I did that summer!


🍂goals for fall🍂

🍂 blog more consistently

🍂 save up for a new camera

🍂 finally start my youtube channel

🍂 draw more

🍂 stop critiquing myself

🍂 staying positive and less judgmental

🍂 participate in NaNoWriMo

🍂 write more poetry

🍂 finally, host a giveaway

🍂 develop a better singing voice

Copy of recapity

Thanks for reading todays post! I’m excited to get back into the blogging world!!



lets get started to (1)

What’s your favorite thing about fall? What did you do this summer? Favorite fall treat?

keep smiling, ava (1)


11 thoughts on “hello autumn! feat. where i’ve been, what i’ve been up to and goals for autumn!

  1. I missed your blog! It sounds like you had a great summer. Fall is for sure my favorite season. My favorite fall treats are pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pie. =D I’m also doing NaNoWriMo, and if you already have an account I’ll add you as a friend on there!

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  2. Thanks for commenting!! I don’t know if I made an account on the actual NanoWriMo website!! Ive only used the Young Writers one and Camp Nano. I’ll give you my username once I create one! 🙂

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  3. My favorite part about Fall is all the colors! This summer, we did a lot of traveling for my Bible Quizzing competitions. My favorite fall treat is Pumpkin pie! 😋❤️🧡

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  4. Welcome back!! God you’ve away for so long!!! I’m hella excited for autumn but mostly I’ll be busy with my exams that’s starting soon haha. Good luck with all that’s goals! 🍁❤️

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