The 3 bookish things tag (me rambling about books, authors and other stuff bibliophiles talk about)

Copy of why hello there!

Welcome back to my itsy-bitsy corner of the web! I really wanted to write something bookish today but had no idea what to write about, so I stumbled across this amazing tag by one of the most legendary books bloggers/ authors, @paperfury (aka C.G Drews) Its called the 3 bookish things tag, and basically its a tag where you write three bookish answers to a bunch of different bookish questions!

Speaking of bookishness (is that even a word? XD) I really have missed being a book blogger, as much as I love making lifestyle posts I think I’m going to go back to being a book blogger! The book community is so fun and its a lot more enjoyable for me, I feel happier when I write bookish posts and I don’t feel like I’m comparing myself to others as much. What do you guys prefer to see on my blog?

Anyways, enough of my rambling let’s start the tag!

3 Favorite Authors

This is honestly a really hard question. There are so many amazing authors and I find new ones every day, but I guess my 3 all-time favorites are;

Marissa Meyer: Because the worlds and the characters she crafts are amazing. also, the lunar chronicles are just too amazing

Leigh Burdugo: I have one word for you (actually three words) SIX OF CROWS! I also love how all of her books have diverse characters! Its really hard to find interesting books that represent lots of different races, and Leigh nails that.

Marie Lu: because WARCROSS IS AMAZINGLY AWESOME (wildcard kind of let me down though)

3 Weirdest things used as a Bookmark

To be honest I don’t use bookmarks often because I usually read a book in one stand, meaning I spend the whole day reading a book which probably is very unhealthy but sometimes it’s worth it! (I read the whole To all the boys I loved before series in like three hours with no breaks)

Marker/pen/paper: I use these the most because I always have one on me.

Another book: surprisingly it works pretty well!

Sock: I have no comment XD

3 Series Binged

Lunar Chronicles: When I found out about this series, almost all the books were out already, so it was super easy to binge read. This series is honestly so amazing.

Shadow and Bone: These books surprisingly took longer to read than The Lunar chronicles, despite the books were a bit shorter.

To all the Boys I loved before: Like I mentioned before I read all the three books in less than 4 hours. The series is such a page-turner and probably one of the first ya “Romance” Series I actually finished.

3 Characters YOU LOVE

So I don’t know if she meant, characters you ship yourself with or characters you love (like platonically) SO I’m just gonna list both.

Carswell Thorne-The Lunar Chronicles: I’m sure we all are in love with him, let me just say that.

Kaz Brekker- Six of Crows: Again, who isn’t in love with him

Anne Shirley-Anne of Green Gables: Anne has always been one of my favorite characters! She is clever, fun and so imaginative. I can relate to her so much.


3 Unpopular Bookish Opinions

 Before I share these I just want to beg you to please not come and kill me. I am not trying to offend anyone, these are just my thoughts.

Harry Potter seems overrated: I feel like almost every bookish person loves this series and I personally don’t get the huge appeal. (please don’t hurt me)

I feel like POC aren’t represented a lot: Now I know there are plenty of great books with POC, but I feel like the types of genres I like to read don’t represent them enough. Or like the only books with them in it that get so popular are the books like “The Hate You Give.” I have a hard time finding cute, fluffy ya books that feature POC, that don’t overly focus on race.

Too much cursing in books is kind of annoying: I find it really annoying when I’m reading a book and the characters curse/ cuss so much. For some characters, Its a part of their voice, or their talking style, and I guess that’s okay. But its really annoying when there are 5 cuss words on each page. Is that really how normal teens talk all the time?

3 Favorite Book Covers

in which ava is too lazy to rebel and collect pictures of all the book covers she loves

Dance of Thieves (Dance of Thieves, #1)   The Tea Dragon Society Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)

lets get started to (1)

Thanks for reading this post! I tag anyone who needs something to blog about, or is obsessed with bookish stuff like I am! What are your Top Three go-to reads? What are some books that are on your TBR List? Do you like my bookish posts?

keep smiling, ava (1)

16 thoughts on “The 3 bookish things tag (me rambling about books, authors and other stuff bibliophiles talk about)

  1. I’m so glad someone finally agrees with me! It’s really annoying and it makes words that I usually wouldn’t say get stuck in my head!
    I am also glad you agree about the hp! Everyone always says your not a true bookworm if you don’t like it. XD💛💛

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  2. Yes! Anne Shirley is one of my favorite characters! And yes I hate it when books have too much cussing! I tried to read h2o a while back but I just couldn’t! Instead of the characters swearing they put a little butterfly symbol to show where the characters cursed during the story! It was ridiculous. There were so many butterflies on every page. I ended up having to put it down! So frustrating because the book has a really cool concept!! Great post 💜💜

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  3. ava, i said this before but i think it’s okay not to limit yourself to only one blogging niche. i know a lot of people suggest that, but if you’re happy making both lifestyle and bookish related posts, then go for it! i love reading both types of posts and i definitely like to have a break from the bookish content myself, so do not worry much about it.
    i really love this tag and i’ll probably consider answering it myself; it was so much fun! as for series binged, i also binge-read to all the boys for the second time and it was amazing but also kind of irresponsible, lol. basically, i had this huge test on saturday but i just wanted to read and i ended up procrastinating studying (and paying attention on class) just so i could re-read these books one after the other. it wasn’t a really smart choice, but this story is so addictive, it’s impossible to put it down!
    i also think it’s very true that POC are not represented enough as for books that are just cute & fluffy and do not focus a lot on race. i recently read opposite of always, by justin a. reynolds and i was really happy to encounter a book that featured mostly black/POC characters and yet race was not a big deal at all; instead, the book just focused on the relationships & friendships, like many other contemporaries with white characters. i’d highly recommend checking it out!

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  4. you are literally the sweetest person ever! I will take your advice and not worry about sticking to one niche, because whenever i do that I end up stressing out over writing posts!
    Yes! TATBILB is veryyy addicting, I was so happy I got all the books at once because it was sooo hard to put down! I also have a huge issue with procrastiation so whenever I have tests or certian tasks with due dates, I try to not get new books or I hide the books that I was planning on reading or else I would just read all day lol
    yes yes and YES
    I have had Opposite of Always on my tbr for too long! I hope I get around to reading it soon. It looks really cute and I think I would really enjoy it!
    I really hope Authors start writing more books similar to that! As a black girl its really hard to find books that don’t focus on race with characters that look like me and act similar to me, so when I see books like that it makes me super duper happy!
    Thank you soo much for commenting btw! You are honestly so sweet and fun to talk to!

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