how to read more during the summer

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Welcome back to my itsy-bitsy corner of the web! Today’s post is going to be all about how to read more during the summer without missing out on the exciting and warm summer days.

Let’s get started!

Read Outside:

A great way to spend some time outdoors is to read outside. Reading outside is really relaxing because you can enjoy nature and enjoy a good book.

☆Bring books with you everywhere:

The wonderful thing about putting a small paperback book into your bag is that you always have a chance to read. Waiting in line? Pull out your book. On a car ride? Pull out your book. Eating Lunch? Pull out your book. The possibilities are endless.

☆Audio Books:

Audiobooks are great for when you’re on the go during the summer. Whether your hanging outside, at the beach or adventuring in a new found city, you can always pop in your earbuds and listen to a great story.

☆Read graphic novels:

Graphic novels are fun and can be easily read in under an hour. Plus, lots of graphic novels have cute summer themes.

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I hope you guys all enjoyed today’s little post! what do you read in the summer? how do you read more in the summer? what are you doing this summer?

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11 thoughts on “how to read more during the summer

  1. I love reading books in summer. It’s the only time I can read without bothering about my studies.
    Great post!💛

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  2. Hey Ava 😁
    Absolutely love this! Greta tips – I sometimes struggle to read a lot, I love it so much but it can be hard! x It was so nice today, I managed to sit outside in the garden with my book, it was nice and warm and I managed to relax and enjoy it!! x
    Amber xx

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  3. Hi Ava,
    We love your posts♡ They’re always so interesting and full of useful tips! We just started a blog as-well, with kinda similar content to yours, and we’d love for anyone to check it out! We’ve just started and would love some feedback and for you to help us by giving us tips on our blogging journey. Thanks again!
    The Sydney Sisters ♡

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  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you sooo much! This means alot to me! It really motivates me to get back to blogging. Welcome to the blogging comunity! Your blog is very cute!
    ava ❤

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