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Welcome back to my itsy-bitsy corner of the web! Summer is coming! And I am so excited! In today’s post, I am going to be sharing my Summer Bucket list!

Let’s get started!


grow my audience: I want to grow my audience more and stay more consistent on my blog and my socials

☆Make summer themed lifestyle posts: I want to make more summer lifestyle posts. If you have any ideas, comment down below!

Host blogging activity: I have always wanted to do this! Hopefully this summer I can 😀

☆ Start my blog design business! (I’m starting it sometime in June)

☆ Start Youtube Channel: I have always wanted to do this, Hopefully, it will be live sometime in August!

☆ Post three times a week: I want to make my blog exciting and have new posts more frequently

☆ Post more photography: A lot of people like my photography, so I am going to try to post more of it.

summer goals reading

☆ Read Less: I actually want to read less this summer. Last summer I read 50 books, but this summer I only want to read 25. I want to spend more time outside and with my friends and family, instead of chilling in my room and spending the whole day reading.

☆Read more nonfiction: I read way too much fiction. Fiction is amazing, but I also want to develop more skills this summer and learn more. So I am going to try to read at least 10 nonfiction books.

☆Get ahead of my TBR list: There are so many books that I haven’t read that I really want to read. This summer I want to read some of those books.


☆ Draft the rest of my novel: I wrote a bit of my novel during Camp Nano and I really want to finish it. I love the story so much and I hope that it can become published. I plan to work on it a little bit this summer.

☆ Write every day: I started a diary a while back and I want to finish it and start writing every day again.

☆ Write more poetry: I love writing poetry, but I haven’t really had a lot of time for it. I want to work on it this summer.


☆ Study More: In the fall I am going into high school and I want to make sure that I study during the summer so I won’t forget everything I learned before.

☆ Practice Math: Math is not my best friend, so I want to do some math warm-ups every day.

☆Sign up for college classes: I got accepted into two colleges’ College Credit Plus program, so I want to spend some time picking out the classes I want to take in fall.


☆ Get my nails painted: I got a nail salon certificate for Christmas and thought it would be perfect to use in the summer. I’m thinking about painting them yellow, or white.

☆ Take some morning runs: I want to start running every morning, and exercising a bit more.

☆ Make some money: I am saving up for a Mac, and new camera and an Ipad Pro. I want to start some buisness and make some money during the summer to go towards my savings and so I can have some extra cash.

☆ Volunteer: I really want to volunteer at the library or the animal shelter. I think it will be a fun way to help support organizations I love.

☆ Spend more time with friends: I have a lot of great friends, but sometimes I don’t always get to spend time with them, because of everyone’s schedules. I hope to spend more time with them and develop deeper friendships with them

☆ Go thrifting: I have found some really cute clothes and local thrift shops and I hope to go there again with one of my friends that are obsessed with vintage clothing.

☆ Learn More French: I love french, and I want to really take some time to learn it.


☆Practice more piano: I love the piano, and now that I am a worship leader in my youth group, I want to be the best pianist I can be.

☆Practice Clarinet: I love clarinet and I want to practice it so I can do well when I go into the intermediate group.

☆ Write songs: I love singing and songwriting and I really want to write a song.

☆ Use my uke: I don’t always use my ukelele and I want to use it more this summer.

☆ Learn some French songs: I think this will be a fun way to practice French.


☆ Go to the movies: A lot of great movies are coming out and it would be really fun to go to the movie theatre to see them.

☆ See a musical: I love musicals and I would love to see one!

☆Go to the beach or swimming: I would really love to go to the pool or the beach.

☆ Go to the funfest: Our city has a fun festival every summer and I would love to go with one of my friends.

☆ Get boba tea: I love Boba and I really would love to get some.

I hope you all enjoyed my Summer Bucket List! I hope this post inspires you to have a fun summer!

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What’s on your summer bucket list?

What movies are you excited about?

Do you want to have a retro summer like me?

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18 thoughts on “summer bucket list 2019

  1. Yesss that sounds like an awesome summer! I hope you accomplish everything you set out to do — and good luck with the maths ‘cause that’s on my list too XD Math is probably no one’s best friend 😞

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  2. A shin tzu or a Maltese mix. We are trying to adopt. One of the dogs we wanted fell through yesterday so we’re hoping to get the little shih tzu that we applied for. His name is Wookie, which is actually the name we want we to rename the other dog, he is being fostered in Texas and he only has one eye. But he seems super sweet.

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  3. Great post, Ava! Those are awesome goals! ❤ I am going to read every day, write every day, practice more poetry (I am really good at dark poetry, and trying to get better and do more). Reading less is never a goal I would make, no offense, haha. 😛 Go outside at least almost every day (that's just hard for me, for some reason). I'm excited for Aladdin! My Mom and I just watched A Dog's Journey. It was good. I am doing a mission trip and going to Colorado this summer. As well as a 3-week program called STEP. 😀

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  4. Thanks! Reading less was a hard goal to make but, My mum wants me to ‘interact more’ And same, I dunno why I just don’t like going outside too much when its hot.
    I am excited for Aladdin too! And a dogs journey sounds so cute, how was it?
    Your going on a missions trip? Thats awesome. I really want to go on one someday. 😊

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  5. You’re welcome! Ah, I see. That is probably a good goal. A Dog’s Journey was slightly emotional and funny at times; it was a good one. Yes, I am, in August!! I am super excited.

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  6. Great post! I actually share a lot of the same goals as you, I also want to volunteer at the library (I actually signed up to do it today, can’t wait!) and study more, because Maths (or Math as you guys call it!) is definitely not my best friend, and I will play the piano more too because I want to get my Grade 5 for next year, sounds like you’re going to have a great summer! ❤


  7. Nice!! This gives me summer vibes 💛 though my summer break didn’t start yet. I hope you achieve everything in your bucket list 💛

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