recent rambles // feat. books, tom holland, puppies and more

Copy of why hello there!

Welcome back to my itsy-bitsy corner of the web! And if you’re new here, WELCOME!

Today’s post is going to be a new monthly series where I share some recent rambles, things that I have been pretty excited about.

I also will continue my recent reads series every other Tuesday!

lets get started


So I haven’t had a bunch of time to read books because I have been busy with a few things, but I was able to read a few.

Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker                    Shadow and Bone (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, #1) 
( I LOVED SHADOW AND BONE! for some reason I kinda liked the Darkling. He just seemed like a brooding and alluring guy that could wear a trench coat)

Archenemies (Renegades, #2)

I reread this to prepare for SUPERNOVA! Tbh, I cannot wait for this series to end, because it’s putting too much pressure on me emotionally. MARISSA JUST TELL ME: DO ADRIAN AND NOVA END UP TOGETHER??

+tom holland

So recently, I got kind of obsessed with these tom holland memes.

Image result for tom holland gifs

This reminds me of my youngest brother – he’s always twirling about.



Related image

He’s afraid of spiders and it’s so adorably funny.

Image result for tom holland gifs

He loves puppies! I wish I had a puppy… 😦



+I am really excited because I am starting a blog design Business, which will hopefully launch by Memorial Day. I am working on one of my first official client’s website right now!
+ I am trying to work on writing some of my novels

+ I have been trying to teach myself some more piano notes so that I can play more songs. Me and one of my friends (who’s also one of my youth leaders) have been leading worship at our Youth group and learning more piano notes will make it easier to play more songs.

+ I am going to be entering the Intermediate group in band this fall, so I want to work ahead so I won’t have trouble with some of the newer notes.


So that was the first episode of recent rambles! I hope you enjoyed it!

lets buzz (4)

what are your recent rambles? thoughts on tom holland?

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24 thoughts on “recent rambles // feat. books, tom holland, puppies and more

  1. Thanks! I am working on my Camp Nano book: Bookish and and a Christian Fantasy book! I am unsure what to call it but I am really excited for it 😀
    Also I am so happy to see more posts on your blog ❤

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  2. omg Tom Holland is hilarious. I love watching Bennedict Cumberbatch babysit him 😂. Super cool how you’re learning piano. This design business thing sound super cool!

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  3. It’s so hilarious that I am now getting to this, because literally earlier today, I found out an old friend of mine on Facebook who looks EXACTLY like Tom Holland and I had never noticed before, lol. Even his friends photoshop Tom Holland when he’s missing on group pictures and tag him, lol.
    I’m looking forward to your blog design business! I am currently trying to revamp my blog and it’s been a struggle, since I haven’t had much time to dedicate to it. I think it would be suuuuper helpful! Thanks for sharing!

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