to be read// January 2019

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For my Goodreads challenge this year, I plan to read 150 books. This is the first time I am going to try to be more consistent with Goodreads (because it is kind of confusing for me xD)

So I have to read around 12 to 13 books per month, which I already kind of do!

So I decided to make a to-be-read post for all the books I am excited about reading!

(This post does have a few affiliate links and I get a small commission If you buy from the link or click them. There is no additional cost to you! :D)

moving on yo

The first book (series) I am looking forward to rereading is the mysterious Benedict society. It was such a great series and I really want to read it again

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Next, I really want to read The Bronte Plot.

It looks really interesting! I kinda already started reading it. BRONTE+ BOOK LOVERS + bookish romance = my bibliophile dream.

Honestly, I am going to read all of Katherine Reay’s books. I already am in love with her writing style and her stories and characters are crafted so well.

The next book I cannot wait to read is All for One.

So First of all, This book is about the one and only Alexander Hamilton and Eliza. Second of all Melissa’s writing style is just amazing. I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT!


So yeah, That sums up this months TBR! Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “to be read// January 2019

  1. I loved reading the MBS books so I’d also love to re-read them! Who was your favorite character? I like Constance because of how hilarious she was! XD

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