introducing! + goals for december


Welcome to my itsy-bitsy corner of the web! If your one of my regular smol visitors then you might have noticed something different about my blog.

Elysian Artiste has now become a .com blog! I am really excited about the upgrade. There are so many cool features and things I can do with WordPress now!.
I have a bunch of new features I am really excited to show you guys.

Like an art video!

Isn’t that super cool?! Every other Friday I am planning on making a video post. A post that has a video to go with it!

Also, I am going to have a giveaway really soon as apart of a launch for a super special project I am working on that I can’t wait to show you guys!


enter abby’s write Christmas contest ( IT LOOKS REALLY COOL!)

enter clara’s Christmas photography contest ( yayy)

work on my super duper project

launch my project and launch giveaway

get arcs ( I NEED ARCS)

make hamilton book tag post

review more books

monetize my site and make money

host a contest

do something Christmasy

try to do blogmas then realize I’m too busy

make a clarinet post (YESS I play the clarinet!)

not freak out at band recital

finish creating designs for youth group at church

learn how to play more songs on the piano

I am screaming right now because tomorrow IS DECEMBER! What happened to the new years?! THE WHOLE YEAR DISSAPEARD! before you know it IT WILL BE CHRISTMAS!

November has been a pretty great month and I am excited for what lies ahead in December!


lets jingle (1).png

Are you excited for the new things coming to my blog? What are your goals for December?! Are you excited for Christmas?

thanks for reading!



15 thoughts on “introducing! + goals for december

  1. I was thinking of upgrading my blog to .com on my first blogiversary but did you use a new server or just upgrade wordpress to business plan? Literally everyone I ask this never answers like okay. xD Aah love your art video you’re so talented. You play clarinet?! That’s so cool I played it last year and SUCKED! Like how do you expect me to go from A natural to a freaking B natural? The transitions are so hard. Good luck on all your goals and great post!

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  2. I just upgraded to the premium plan. WordPress sent me an email saying that since I have been using word press for years I could get the Premium plan for 50% off! I was s happy because I was planning on buying a domain and opening up an online shop for double the price XD so yeah short story long I did a plan because I DON”T Know how to do jet pack hosting and all that stuff.
    Thanks so much.
    and about clarinet
    the struggle
    is real.
    IKRR i have the hardest time with the lower notes and we have a Christmas recital coming up and I’m freaking out HELPP
    btw that garlic bread looks good GIMMIE SOME xD


  3. Congrats! I also have a premium plan but I haven’t set up monetization yet. I probably should do that sometime… I always say this but it’s true: you’re really good at art! Maybe sometime you can make a speed drawing of you drawing a book character. 😇

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  4. Ooh that’s a great deal! Yeah I’ll probably do that eventually. Plus it keeps the WordPress connections. IKRRR dude good luck! If that was me, I would squeak every second. Sometimes I’m actually better at high notes but it keeps changing 😂
    Hahaha thanks but noo there was way too much garlic and it tasted like leaves.


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