fall fun// cute homemade fall crafts

fall hello

Welcome to my itsy bitsy corner of the web! Today I am going to be showing you guys some cute easy crafts you can make that kinda give a fall mood ❤


to make these you will need:


Tea bags, cardstock paper or notecards, washi tape, masking tape, scissors, and markers!

start off by cutting your paper a bit smaller than the tea bag and making sure the paper is folded.



It should be folded on like this.

Then write a cute little tea pun or whatever you want!


Then use the masking tape to mask it on! And for decoration use the washi tape!

How cute! It’s TEA-RIIFIC!!!


what you will need

Plastic Bag



Leaves and random trinkets.

Start off by cutting a square of one of the bottom corners of the bag.


use masking tape to seal the open side

cut your leaves and put them inside

add more trinkets and seal with washi tape.

and now you have a kinda cute bag thingy oof!

yo (2)

what you will need

tea bag




and that’s all I hope you guys enjoyed these crafts and there not too weird ❤

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