i was on a movie set?!+nanowrimo

fall hello

welcome back to my corner of the web! this week has been REALLY BUSY, from swimming lessons to band to BEING ON A MOVIE SET (and being in a movie set in the 70s that was really awesome!) The business was actually kinda worth it!

Yup you heard me right I AM IN A MOVIE-well more like a documentary BUT STILL THATS REALLY COOl! It was a lot of fun being in the showbiz with my siblings! My Poppie is apart of this alpha clan thing and PBS is making a documentary about it AND HE LET US BE A PART OF IT. So we all got to dress up in RETRO CLOTHES, which I already kind of do wear!

my brothers in the background 😛

me and my sister at the shoot^^

yeep (1)

me^^ oof

also I have a weird pick of me rock climbing

oof (4)

oof (5)

it was fun but a little bit scary

Copy of moving on

it’s already almost November and that means!? NANOWRIMO! YAY! I am pretty excited for nano and I AM PROBABLY GOIng TO OVER PLAN because last year I didn’t plan at all and everything went bad! Heh 😛

So right now I am planning out the storyline and the characters! I was thinking about writing a totally different book with a totally different genre but I decided to try something different! So here it is!

INTRODUCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drumroll please* *quality drum roll*



I really don’t know if I will actually use this plot and book idea for nano I may write my other book Idea I AM NOT SURE YET!

So this is a very different book genre than I usually write in. I usually write dystopian, sci-fi stuff like that but I decided to make a realistic adventurous book. It’s actually kinda dystopian I guess I DONT KNOW XD I really get confused when writing books 😛

But anyways the main plot of the story is about a girl named Zinnia Raine who’s mute and yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… I had a whole cool story idea but then I realized it made no sense so THAT’S WHY I AM GOING TO PLAN IN OCTOBER SO MY BOOK MAY HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF WORKING OUT! 😛 I really like how the cover turned out though!


Copy of recapity.png

September is coming to an end and there were so many amazing opportunities I had. Sure life was busy, but it was fun!



19 thoughts on “i was on a movie set?!+nanowrimo

  1. Love vintage!! That must have been a blast!
    Good luck with NaNo, it’s super tough but fun too! And your novel looks sweet. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. your life is VIBRANT! How exciting that you were in a movie?! How do you get into that?! SO cool. And can’t wait to see what you come up with in terms of the book. XO


  3. THAAAAAAANKSSSS xD xD YEP i was so scared and I felt schooled cuz a 6 year old went all the way to the top and asked if I wanted help xd
    AND YES I NEED TO PLAN CUZ LAST YEAR I DIDN’T AND IT WASN’T FUN! are you doing nano this year btw?

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  4. I wanna do Nano but I’m REALLY busy because I’m publishing my book in November… AHHHH IM STRESSED. That’s awesome you got to be in a movie! I hope Nano goes well for you.


  5. Ahh that documentary thing is so cool! And rock climbing is a lot of fun 😂💚
    One time when I was like 3, I went to an event at a library and the experience ended up being talked about in our local paper. So yay, my chubby little face was featured in our newspaper 😂

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