10 reasons why you may be a bookworm!

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Welcome back to my corner of the web! Today’s post is going to be all about being a bookworm! If you can relate to most of the reasons why you are a bookworm then THAT means YOUR A BOOKWORM! Haha so let’s GET STARTED!

1. You can finish a book within a day.

Let’s be honest. You can finish a book in a couple of hours.

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2. Books are your best friends.

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3. Books are your precious LIL BABIES

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4. You can re-read a book and still enjoy it.

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5. Your house is full of books and you still want more.

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6. You’re always at the library trying to find new books.

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7. Most of your crushes are fictional.

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8. You cry because something bad happened to your precious character.

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9. You know the struggle of having to wait for the next book to come out.


Image result for i can't wait gif

10. You’d rather stay cuddled under the covers reading instead of going out or sleeping.

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Its great to be a bookworm! I hope you all enjoyed this post and related to it!
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Do you like books? Can you relate to any of these? Whats your favorite book?



21 thoughts on “10 reasons why you may be a bookworm!

  1. Wow within the hour I find another of you posts related to books, YASSSS! ok so I’m definitely classified as a bookworm but this list just validated it completely. I relate to every point except searching for books in the library because I’m one of those greedy people that need their own physical copies in which they will store on their book shelf hence I never borrow books from the library. As of now my favourite series is definitely the throne of glass series by Sarah j Maas who is of course my favourite author, It physically hurts me to think that there’s still two months left till October which is when the last book kingdom of ash is coming out😤

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  2. OMG I RELATEEE!! Except for the re-reading one – I like my books read once as I usually get them from the library. Every time I go to the library I get two books and end up finishing them in 3 days…oops 😂 Books are so good and YES fictional crushes oml 😭 I recently read When We Collided and can we just talk about Jonah?? Ugh he’s so caring and charming and shsiskbdydisk why are there no boys like this irl? Loved this post!

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