🖌️ a smol arttt dumppp🖌️

arttttt dump.png

why hello there!

Welcome back to my corner of the web! Today I thought I would share some recent art that I’ve drawn! ❤

cleo dah bunnyposssssssomsleepy bunny

These are drawings of my Oc Cleo. I kinda redesigned her!

lil maria.png

This is a drawing of Maria Reynolds that someone requested. I think it turned out super adorable!


This is my Oc Pippa, I drew her as a cute doggo ❤

AT winkling.png

This is a drawing I made for an Art Trade!

galaxy bunny.png

oof and last of all a galaxy bunny ❤

lets buzz (2)

Did you like my art? Which drawing was your favorite? Do you like to draw?


keep smiling, (2)


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