why hello there!Welcome back to my little corner of the web!♡ Before we start today’s post, I want to thank you all for getting me to 156 followers! It means so much to me and I really appreciate it!

moving on

I am really excited about today’s post because I am going to talk A LOT about books! Actually, a lot about one particular book I read recently, Brightly Burning.



So, a few months back I read Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte) I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Then I read an anime version of it (YES THERE IS AN ANIME VERSION OF IT AND A WHOLE SERIES OF CLASSICS TURNED TO ANIME CALLED MANGA CLASSICS it’s an amazing series and I really recommend it xD). So basically, I REALLY LOVE JANE EYRE! It’s a really good story with an AMAZING PLOT. So a few weeks ago I was browsing my local library and found this book, Brightly Burning and I STARTED SQUEALING. It, in short, is JANE EYRE SET IN SPACE!


First of all, let me just say that the book was beautifully written.

When I first read it, I was speechless, there were so many emotions and just AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I really loved it!

I really enjoyed this book and I really recommend it!

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Whats your favorite classic book? Are you interested in Brightly Burning?


Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! ❤

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  1. Ok so I was just browsing your content for the first time and the minute I saw “book”, “jane eyre” and “ANIME/MANGA” I knew that I was sticking around for a while. Jane eyre sounds like such an interesting novel with gothic elements and a brave female protagonist living at a different , more misogynistic time period and I have been wanting to read it for a long time, now you tell me that there’s a version of her in space??? I need to finish my tbr quickly!

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