Goals For October


img_3664-2Welcome back to my blog!

It’s finally October! I can’t believe it’s here already. I’m shocked, SHOCKED!

 Related image                                                                                What now?!

Yes, my friends, it is already October. I’m really excited for my birthday which is on the 27. I really want to get an iPad pro and apple pencil to help me improve in digital art. This blog has gotten pretty far and I am hoping to get 100 followers!

Goals for October:

  1. Get 100 followers

  2. Finish Word War

  3. Write a gif post

  4. Get interviewed

  5. Publish my book of poems

  6. Post more art

  7. Start a business

  8. Sell art on Etsy

  9. Start an art shop

  10. Upgrade WordPress

  11. Start a YouTube channel

  12. Work hard on animation course

  13. Start Magazine

  14. Get an Ipad pro

  15. Do another Q+A

  16. Make a collab post.

  17. Review a product.

  18. Post a sketchbook tour.

  19. Write more poetry.

  20. Engage with my readers.

  21. Make more blog friends.

  22. Get graphic design clients.

  23. Post writing tips.

  24. Post more book sneak peeks.

  25. Win more bloggy awards.

So guys that is it for today! Hope you enjoyed. 🙂


Are you excited for October? What are some of your goals?




16 thoughts on “Goals For October

  1. Goals, goals! I’m hoping to get started with real animation (Adobe CC Animate and a drawing tablet, hopefully), finish planning out my Nanowrimo project, finish Word Warring with you, and get a Wreck This Book to start. 😛

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  2. I thought about doing it, but I just did one very similar to the one she’s doing over at A Barefoot Gal. I barely had time to get all of my photos in before the deadline, and I know it would be the same way if I did Brookes. I’d love to do it though if I had the time! Will you be doing it?

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  3. I’m not sure. I’ve been pretty busy these past few weeks and I can’t commit to that many things. Plus I already have some projects I’m committed too. 😅


  4. Ava my birthday’s on the 31st! That’s so cool! How old will you be turning?

    Also, I have a small business of my own (I sell a book that I published). What business are you looking to start?

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  5. I’m turning 13! My book is called The Adventures of Conquests of Ellie the Elephant Shrew (find it at: zellabooksssite.wordpress.com) and I also dabble in graphic design. 😉

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