Story Time; The Tale of an Older Sister

Story time one

Heyo and welcome back to my blog.

Most people think that being older means you’re in charge. But reality proves otherwise.

How do I know this? Becuase I’m am the oldest. And my siblings are always bossing me around. Especially my baby sister.

I’m going to share with how it’s like to be the oldest.

( if this is weird then I’m sorry. I was trying something new. So um yeah)

First of all little kids are cute and can get away with everything. Older kids come off to be moody. Becuase older kids don’t have the power of cuteness.

Little Kid: Mommy can I get a new toy? *gives you puppy dog eyes and smiles*

Mom: Awww of course sweetie.

Me: Mom can I please get a computer?

Mom: Not right now.

Me: But mom I need one!

Mom: We already got you an iPad mini. Plus we have tons of computers at home.


Mom: *does that mom frown that makes you want to melt*

Me: *feels kind of bad and embarrassed that I yelled in the middle of the store* You just don’t understand
Alright, another thing about being the oldest is that whenever you do something everyone else wants to do it too. ( Quick note, I will be calling my siblings A, E, and J)


Me: Mommy can I use the computer?

Mom: Sure. Just make sure you don’t stay watch to many YouTube videos.

Me; Thanks! *starts to use computer*

J: Mommy how come Ava gets to use the computer?!

Mom: It’s J’s turn!

Me: * internally screams: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO*

J: *Comes over and smiles mischievously* Ava it’s my turn. Ava it’s my turn. * he keeps saying that over and over again*

Me: Wait I’m almost done saving my post!

J: *keeps repeating it*

2 minutes later my post I worked on for days is deleted.

That is a true story.  I’m crying right now. *takes a deep breath*

Even though being an older sister can be a little rough always remember that being an older sister is BOSS!

And if you’re not an older sister you are still Boss!

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post!

Did you enjoy this post? What’s your favorite thing and least favorite thing about being the oldest? 

9 thoughts on “Story Time; The Tale of an Older Sister

  1. I am the not-oldest in my fam. Meaning that I am the sixth. 😛 But I feel you. It seems as if you’ve got a bit of a problem. Maybe you could try working it out with them or timers. Dunno, just using what has worked for me in the past. You keep going, girl.

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  2. Wow! How many siblings do you have?
    Thanks for the tip! I will try that.
    I’m thinking abut it writing a Historical Romance novella. Do you think you will read it? Any writing tips?


  3. If it’s historical, I’m all ears. I love history! Novelling tips – not too nasty. A lot of romances back then were quite straightforward. Of course this doesn’t mean to sterilize things but be creative in how you do things. 🙂
    And I have six siblings – three are moved out and I live with the other three. 🙂

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  4. I’m the oldest too. My siblings are my best friends, and now that we’re all adults we look back on our childhood and laugh. Oh, and the oldest is definitely the boss – always! 😉

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