A Sip of Tea

 Welcome back to my blog!
This is the first month of a sip of tea! Every month I will host a little blog party! So we can all learn about each other. Comment down below and share a few things about yourself and leave a link to your blog. Don’t forget to have some tea or a cup of Joe! If you’re new to blogging, feel free to ask me any questions.  design-3

Comment down below about anything you like. Ask me silly questions, share your mind! Most of all have fun!  (Please do not use any vulgar words or profanity. Be kind and respectful and do not swear. Thank you)


9 thoughts on “A Sip of Tea

  1. What kind of tea is your favourite? (I like black tea with spearmint, one creamer and two sugar cubes. Indulgent but delicious.)
    Is Downtown Abbey any good? I’ve never seen it so I don’t know.
    Have you ever written something that has made you cry?

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  2. I have tasted so many teas so I can’t put my finger on one! That’s sounds really tasty!
    I haven’t watched downtown abbey before, but my mom binge watched it a few months ago. It seems pretty good to me, it seems like a Jane Austen inspired film. Have you read any Jane Austen’s books?
    I have read Pride and prejudice, Lilly (I think that’s the title?) Sense and sensibility And others I have forgotten the names of.
    YESSS. I’ve written so many things that make me cry. When I don’t have any books to reAd I reread some of my writing.


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