Word War prep

Word War


Aris @ awkwardaris is Mira Stark

Saanvi is Ava

Starling is Raven

I am Millie

Blackie Sunshine is Ned Forbes

Lainey is Elise

Please list your characters in the comments like this:

Name; Millie

Age: 14

personality: bubbly, funny, nice, kind, artistic, RANDOM, awesome, friendly, brave fearless.

Looks: Dark brown skin, curly black hair with a lavender streak. Millie is slightly tall for her age. Purple eyes, longish eyelashes.

Extras: Millie has a silver bow and sea foam colored arrows.

Okay, I have no idea how this is going to work XD.

After I get each of the characters information I will write chapter one. Remember, everyone has the creative liberty to control your character in the chapter. Please do not kill others characters in your chapters.

I can’t wait to start!


24 thoughts on “Word War prep

  1. Name: Edward ‘Ned’ Forbes
    Age: 22
    Personality: All I should say is that Ned spends all his spare time alone in his study. Or used to, anyways, because that was before he came to the modern day and found that it isn’t common for people to have studies. He has a salty wit and has to be heavily convinced/forced to do anything that’s not his idea.
    Appearance: Due to all that library-sitting, Ned is not physically impressive. He has thin shoulders and is only five-foot-ten or so. He has very light brown hair and darker blue eyes.
    Anything else?: Nah. But he’s always wearing those 19th century fashions.

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  2. LOL, my charrie totally doesn’t fit with yours or probably anyone else’s. 😛 He can be the college-aged guy in all the fourteen-year-old girls.

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  3. Name: Raven

    Age: 13

    Personality: fierce (when she wants to be), full of jokes, adventurous, kind, strong.

    Looks: tall, skinny, long, silver and light blue hair, black eyes, tan, usually found wearing brown and white adventure clothes.

    Extras: she has a sharp sword, a silver cat, and a denim backpack.

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  4. Name: Golden

    Age: 15

    Personality: She can be intimidating if she tries, but once you get to know her she is actually the sweetest friend you’ll have. She tends to be bossy, though she apologises afterwords. She is a born leader, and is always looking for adventures. She is also quite an inventor.

    Looks: Golden, despite her name, has icy blue eyes, which she always keeps lined with eye liner. Her high cheek bones and defined jawline give her a kind of angular face. She hates the sun, thus, has pale skin and is mostly found in black clothes.

    Extras: she loves reading, and is a hidden nerd. She is also always on gadgets and never leaves anywhere without one of her inventions.

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  5. KK. I’ll get it up probably on Monday b/c I’m going out of town this weekend – so you can put that up on your blog. 🙂

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  6. Ava, am I still in Chap 1?

    Ok, let’s say: I write chapter one on my blog, then you write chapter 2 on your blog, then so on and so on?

    Is there a title to the novel?

    What is the genre?

    Sorry for the questions!

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  7. Blackie Sunshine was supposed to write chapter one, but you can. The genre is adventure \fantasy \sci-fi.
    Please don’t add any magic. We are all lost in the wilderness.
    Yeah, that is basically how it works.
    Millie has shapshifting, invisibility and mind reading powers BTW.
    A few people are in chapter one. Reread the comments to see who is in chapter one 😋😜😝🍩

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