Letters to Unknown: Chapter one

Dear Unknown.png

Dear Unknown,

Hello, my name is Femi. Yes, Femi. I saw this notebook open and I just started to write to you. I think it’s a little dangerous to put your address on the front of a notebook and leave it. What if I was some creepy stranger and I tried to kidnap you? Anyways I am 16 and I love to write. Btw will you write back to me or not. Never mind that, I also was wondering WHO ARE YOU, are you a girl or a boy? What’s your name? How old are you? Thanks for leaving this out here, I really would like haveing someone to talk to.



Femi smiled as she placed the notebook into the mailbox. She walked back across the street and into her house. She had recently found an empty notebook at the library with an address on the cover. Inside the book was a letter saying to write back and send the person the notebook. She thought it sounded like fun… do she did it.  The only problem was that she didn’t know who the person was, it was left hidden- sorta like a mystery. Femi sighed and sat on her bed. The mail man would be coming any second. He would pick up her notebook and send it to the unknown person, and they would become friends! She smiled as she thought her whole plan out in her head. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. Femi rushed downstairs. A package- for her! On top of the package in permanent marker was her name. Femi. She picked up the package and escaped to her room. She slowly opened the package and saw the notebook. The same notebook she had just mailed. “Well, that was kind of creepy” Femi thought out loud as she opened the notebook. Next to her letter was another letter from unknown. Femi smiled… but in seconds her smile turned to a face of horror.


To be continued….


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