How to make your blog noticable in 10 steps

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Wondering how to make your blog/site famous?

Wanna be popular? Then this guide is for you!

Step One:   Create a Cool Name

Creative, Cool and spunky names attract others to your site. For example; Suppose you have a blog about dogs, Instead of naming it Dogs or All about dogs. Name it: The Puppy Dog Blog, Doggy Blog, Doggy Club, Dog-Ventures or Bonjour petite Chein.  Those names sound cute and different. Users like using new things instead of finding the same sites over and over again, your name is one of the mains points of getting visitors.

Step Two: Make your theme useable

You Theme should be simple and easy to use. Keep your blog simple so it easier for users to use it. Users like simple things that are easy to learn and adapt to. KISS; Keep It Simple Silly! Also, make sure to add flair to your website. Don’t make it a copycat blog.

Step three: Comment on other peoples posts’ 

More people find out about my blog when I comment on there’s. Make sure your comments are engaging and line up with the post don’t say things like; “Great post” or, “Cool!” Say things that show that you really like their blog, such as ” I love how your website focuses on stuffed toys!” or,” You are such a great artist!”  When you use real comments it makes others think your blog is really worth it.

Step Three: Use tags

Tags are the simplest and easiest way to make your posts’ more noticeable. When I first created Elysian Artiste I use some tags on my posts. So when people put in the tag Musings or Poetry, they would see my post. The more tags you use, the more views and potential likes. It’s super easy and simple to do this. And random people will find the post just by typing or clicking different tags. If you use enough tags on your posts’ you might get to the top of the search engine!

Step four: Make your posts different

When writing posts don’t ramble or rant (which I usually do) unless you make your rants and ramblings special, such as you add a twist of humor or you are a huge weirdo (like me) If your rants have something different about them people will like your posts and eventually follow you. If you make a post make it different than others. It is okay to take inspiration from another blog, but it is bad to copy everything!

Step Five: Post frequently 

When you post frequently it makes your followers feel as if it was worth following you, if you don’t want to post every day, post every other day or post 3 posts every 2 days of a week. I usually post a lot each day. My followers look forward to my posts’ and know they don’t have to wait forever.

Step Six: Communicate with your visitors

When someone likes one of your posts’, like one of theirs and even comment. That will show that you’re a nice person. If they comment on your blog, comment back, start a conversation. Just be friendly and welcome them. Once they see how friendly and kind to them they may follow you.

Step Seven: Promote your blog

Share with your friends. Use apps like Instagram to promote your blog. Make little cards with your blog URL to give out to people. Wear T-shirts with your blog URL on it. Use Websites like blog lovin’, and swap buttons with other bloggers.

Step Eight; Express yourself

Share things that you like with the world, act like yourself. Don’t hide who you truly are. Use a cool header. Create a cool tagline. If you are funny let, your posts share your humor. Be Yourself!

Step Nine: Share your interest

Share your interest with the world, share artwork and photographs, but make sure to use a watermark, Click here to learn what a watermark is. = Share what you love, share writings, poems, rants.Share what you love, share writings, poems, rants.Share your favorite things and fandoms.

Step Ten: Have fun!

A happy blog is an awesome blog. Have fun with your blogging, and if it feels like a burden, don’t do it. Enjoy blogging.Blogging is my free space to have fun and share it with the world.

Well, my friends, I hope this helped a lot! Have fun blogging,


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