What does writing mean to you?

Writing lets me escape from the world and enter a new realm. It’s like my best friend.

When I write I feel free to be and do anything. When you write there is no limit. You can just soar and fly in the world of words. My mind is my guide, as If I’m blind and let my thoughts control my hands, I feel so happy when I write. It makes me just feel as if I’m floating away from everything and letting dreams lead me.

What does writing mean to you? How do you feel when you write? Please share with me in the comments!


🙂 Elysian Artiste 🙂

4 thoughts on “What does writing mean to you?

  1. This is so aptly put! I write so I can explore new worlds – scratch that; I write so I can ~create~ new worlds. Writing helps give basis to your ideas and it’s a great way to connect with others like you. Great post! ❤

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